Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Watched This Summer: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So somehow I managed to squeeze in some TV time amidst my 14-hour work days and here's how I wasted my hours outside the office this summer...


Jada Pinkett-Smith's drama went from mediocre to soap opera to really really bad in just a few episodes. Granted I only chose to watch it because of Michael Vartan but while their were traces of a decent show in the first season I should have known it was going to go down to shit when Marc Anthony showed up. Serves me right to keep watching but I have a TV "problem" let's leave it at that! I also don't get why the R and the N are capitalized in HawthoRNe and I honestly don't care!

Verdict: Killing off Marc Anthony might give a microscopic hope for this show but I can't say I would shed any tears if it got canceled! Scratch that... TNT just canceled the show and made sure my misery ends! Thank you TNT!

So You Think You Can Dance

Season 8 of SYTYCD is very much like this year's US Open Women's competition. Just like we knew Serena Williams is going to win from her very first match, we all knew Melanie was going to win the show which made it not that exciting to watch to be honest. The choreography was sub-par this season in my not so humble opinion with the exception of some very very few routines. Perhaps the only highlight besides the Melanie and Marko pair-up was the concept of the guest judges.

Verdict: Glad I watched it because Melanie really is a revelation to watch but she was just so much better than the other dancers (Sascha included) that I really didn't see the point of the competition anymore.

Royal Pains

It took me by surprise because this third season was actually pretty darn good. There's something very soothing about Mark Feuerstein + the Hamptons. This show is nice change from your typical medical drama and the scenery is just uplifting. Paulo Costanzo is pleasantly annoying if that makes sense and I really hope it's renewed.

Verdict: Going strong and highly-recommended!


I have to admit I thought Weeds was done. I hated the last season and thought this one was going to be a lame mix between crass and boring but I've been genuinely entertained by the whacky Botwins so far this season. While it's beyond me why Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) still insists on being a weed dealer when she is horrendously bad at it, everything else has been spot on! Even the random appearance of Aidan Quinn has been pretty cool.

Verdict: The show has redeemed itself and the ladies should be happy to know that Silas has truly blossomed :D The finale is September 26 so we still have three episodes ahead of us.

The Big C

There's just something very special about Laura Linney. It's like she's not even acting even though her character is pretty out there and far-fetched. Yes this show is about Cancer and yes it's actually funny. It has a very human aspect to it despite the nutty personalities on display. I'm absolutely in love with Hugh Dancy who plays Linney's cancer friend and it's strange how I secretly hope he turns ungay and has an affair with her. I miss Reid Scott (from My Boys) though, I hope they bring him back.

Verdict: simply put this is a must-see show. It's so good that even though some awesome characters keep disappearing off the show, they bring on new ones that make it much better!

Friends With Benefits

I don't know how many shows out there are about a bunch of friends trying to be funny and who have a lot of sex but for some reason I watch them all and I don't mind it. Featuring the often annoying Danneel Harris (Rachel on One Tree Hill) and a bunch of other relatively attractive people, this show airs on Fridays which is one of its main advantages... it has no competition, there's nothing better to watch!

Verdict: The geeky millionaire character of Zach Cregger is the highlight for me and the show has it's occasional funny moment but generally-speaking, this is just another Friends-gone-progressive attempt!

Melissa & Joey

For some reason the show started again in August, I don't know why but I am truly grateful. Arguably the best sitcom I've watched that is of the same class as How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Love the "My Fake Fiance" pair Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, it's like they were meant to act with each other.
Verdict: Addictive, funny and unpretentious. Must-watch!


The final eight episodes of Entourage have been a bit of a turn-off... up until episode 7. While watching Ari Gold cry is disconcerting, seeing E & Sloane break it off again without really understanding what happened is a snoozefest and typically confusing, and seeing Vince save the day for everyone is monotonous, I did enjoy the last episode but it's only frustrating because I know there's only one more left.

Verdict: They should have started stronger especially that it's a super-short final season but it is what it is. It's our last ride with the gang and we have to watch regardless. I'm looking forward to the movie!


Anonymous said...

I didnt know there was one episode of Entourage left!!!

I love the part on Weeds - spot on!! This season is pretty good so far:) I just hope there will be a "Celia Hodes" appearance before its all over - N ;)

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